Thursday, September 21, 2006

Five pounds later...

ADA Loha! It's a difficult life, that of a jet setting biz woman, but someone has to do it. Spent the last 5 days in Honolulu rubbing elbows with wizards of nutrition and health. Now that I am back safely in the Atl, let us turn our attention to one of the ugly consequences of business travel. I confidently stepped on the scale this a.m. and discovered five extra pounds...sur moi?!? Ok, one too many macadamia nut candies and a few networking cocktail parties, “bam!!!” (as sweet little Emeril might exclaim) my "thin" slacks are a little uncomfortable. This is no time to panic with the Autumnal equinox in two days, fall fashion is in full swing with slim fit jeans and tights back in style!!!

BTW, this as proof that slim and healthy are not effortless and calories do count, and count even more as we (fabulous women of the world) ripen/mature/smolder/bloom/gain wisdom/ok, age. I have another figure threatening business trip next week and I can't return with another five pounds, so it is time for a plan. I know my options for weight maintenance. Too many calories consumed and not enough calories burned makes Audrey's energy and health lag. To recover and re-balance, just flip the equation---seems so easy in theory, but when the chocolate cravings haunt you and jet lag makes diligence as appealing as last seasons jeans...
Here's the plan. Step 1, food journal. Keep closer track of exactly what I am eating, esp on those biz trips, so I can determine if I am really hungry or just tired and have an appetite. Step 2, exercise log. Keep track of daily activity. Heck they have workout rooms in hotels for a reason, and I will be packing my walking shoes. Step 3, hold off on those fatty indulgences until body is back in balance and the return on a healthier weight. Step 4, document progress in blog to stay accountable and if there are other ladies out there who want to lose 5 lbs with me, please respond! It's always easier to work off difficult pounds when you can do it with a friend.

Finally, Splenda® had come out with French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavored coffee sweeteners. I had a chance to try them in Hawaii and they are fabulous, plus zero calories! Might be a new addition to the morning routine. Stay strong, stay sugar-free, and TTFN!

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