Monday, September 11, 2006

Living the low-cal lifestyle

Hello Monday! Is there a better way to start the week than with a vigorous 5 AM workout followed up with a protein and fruit smoothie, sweetened with Splenda®. I feel energized and in a great mood to tackle the week ahead, no matter what is waiting for this wily working girl. Now that is what I mean by the low-cal lifestyle. Care of mind, body, and spirit with strength building exercises, nutrient-packed food, and a positive mindset to take on the world. Before I run out the door, I grab some healthy snacks for the day (2-3 snacks or mini- meals), which will keep my energy up and metabolism boosted all day through. On the menu for today…whole grain crackers with slices of low fat mozzarella and green apple (enough for both mid morning and mid day snacks), low-calorie vanilla yogurt with Splenda®, ½ tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat bread with diet soda for lunch, and a yummy Asian chicken salad with a low-cal sesame dressing, which I make at home using Splenda®, for an early supper or a late day snack. These mini meals are all tucked securely in the company fridge, ready for me at any moment. The best thing about low-calorie living is that I actually spend less at the grocery store because I avoid all the junk food aisles, eat more nutritious foods by loading up on fresh fruits and veggies, and don’t sabotage all the effort I put in to my workouts. Living la vida low-cal is magnifico!

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Keeneke said...

Audrey, congrats on your new blog! FYI, there was an excellent featured article on the Yahoo homepage today. Called "Drink to Your Health: Try replacing sugary sodas with these low-calorie beverages." It's written by a dietitian at Johns Hopkins University -- Cheryl Koch. She notes: "Too often, we drink on the pounds without even realizing it. Drinking just one extra non-diet soda a day can add as much as 15 pounds in a year!" And she has these examples of simple subs for our typical beverage choices, which fits in perfectly w/ what your blog is all about:

Crystal Light Ready to Serve: 0-5 calories (varies by flavor)
Diet soda: 0 calories
Flavored carbonated water: 0 calories
Sugar-free Kool-Aid: 36 calories per envelope (6 flavors)
Brewed tea or coffee sweetened with Equal, Sweet'n Low, or Splenda: 0 calories
Ocean Spray Light: 40 calories (5 flavors)
Ocean Spray Diet Juice Drinks: 5 calories (2 flavors)
Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix made with Splenda: 25 calories
Skim milk: 90 calories, 0 g fat