Thursday, October 12, 2006

Audrey the Iron Woman?

The other day a devilishly handsome friend of mine completed a sprint triathlon. Invigorated from the experience the suggestion was made that I sign up for one of these "life changing" events. Hmmmm...swim in the ocean with sharks getting kicked in the head by the other 100 o crazed thirty something women in the water, run to a station and change into bike clothes w/helmet and bike my buns off, then round out the day with a knee busting run. OK, I'm in. Where do I sign up? Maybe it was the dizzyingly attractive cologne Mr. Triathelete was wearing, but in a moment of complete silliness, I, Audrey Taylor, agreed to start training for a "tri-sprint". How do I back out now, without major knee surgery as an excuse? Bottom line is that I will (ok, might, no I will) be competing in march in one of these fun events. It will at least be great motivation to stick to my workout routine and maybe even ratchet it up a little. All this said after a plate of fried eggs and tater tots for "brunch". Not exactly of the low-calorie plan, but definitely allowed as a treat. I did promise my friend to go running this afternoon, and I can use tater-tots as fuel for my run! It is at least beautiful fall weather, and I won't be sweating like a sow in my running suit. Now I’ll have to start researching a sports performance-eating regime. I bet the blue berry muffins would fit in perfectly!

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