Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feel the burn even when it's cold outside...

This time of year always seems to transform me into a fireside loving, book reading, late sleeping couch potato. I don't know if it is the short days and cool temps that naturally stir the hibernation instinct, but the 5 am workouts get harder and harder to do.

I think we all tend to eat a little more holiday fare, which is rarely low-cal, and if we are not out of doors chopping wood then the holiday pound(s) can creep on. Suddenly all my jeans have shrunk! The answer is to slip activity into the daily grind. For some examples, check out these easy and efficient ways to burn 100 calories:

  • 20 min power walk = 100 cals
  • set the table and prepare a meal = 100 cals
  • clean up the kitchen and wash dishes (35 min) = 100 cals
  • fold laundry (40 min) = 100 cals
  • step aerobics (10 min) = 100 cals
  • rake lawn and sack leaves (25 min) = 100 cals
  • weed the flower beds (20 min) = 100 cals
  • run up and down the steps for 15 min = 100 cals

It is easy to see that daily 'chores' and a little brisk movement can add up to significant caloric burn. Simple ways to fight the winter hibernation mode and holiday weight gain. Don't overlook the power of simple substitutions. As a good friend of mine reminded me this morning "Low-calorie and sugar-free products allow people to make simple substitutions. For example, by using a low-calorie product, anywhere from 50 to 150 calories can be saved. Over the course of a year, if used daily, that can translate to a 5 to 15 pound weight loss." Please pass the Splenda®!! Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey- don't forget the moms! How many calories to you think we burn when we are doing all of these chores while dragging or carrying a 27 lb. toddler around with us? wink wink!

Katie said...

Mom's of the world unite! If you happen to drag a screaming, 27-pound toddler around while doing any of the chores, you can confidently add another 100 calories to your total caloric expenditures. That explains all those skinny new mommies I see running around my neighborhood! Thanks for the question!