Friday, November 17, 2006

Plain old Puritan fear...

"Bottom line: Sweeteners work if you use them to replace caloric treats and drinks; fear of sweeteners is probably plain old Puritan fear of unearned pleasure."

I have listed the link above as one of the best reviews on sweetener effectiveness in weight loss and insight as to why there is controversy surrounding anything with a sweet taste. It seems there are people who would oppose anything that is tasty regardless of its origins -- bees, beets, science...if it is sweet then it can't possibly be harmless...OK, relax, deep breath... In my view, we were meant to enjoy life and not be consumed with unnecessary worry. So the article, which appeared in Psychology Today, speaks to that point. I guess I am on hyper-drive since my return from FL. Need the weekend and some time with friends to unwind.

Speaking of FL, you can still wear white in November as long as you are in FL. Apparently that applies to any traditional summer color or style. Saw some of the most outrageously colorful outfits while in Naples. It was fun to watch the parade. I was glad I brought lighter colors with me once I left the plane and began walking through the! My eyes! My eyes! I didn't know citron yellow and lime green were wardrobe staples for folks...I say, if you've got it then flaunt it (esp. in your lime green platforms!?!). Strange and full of fun. This is just a quick hello before I run out for the weekend. Later alligator...BTW they feed alligators in the Everglades marshmallows as part of the “swamp tour”...don't ask! --A.T.

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