Friday, December 01, 2006

Reality check -- moderation please!

I am posting based on inspiration that came from an email exchange with a visitor to the blog. This lass had some questions that got me thinking about the essence of life. BALANCE. Equilibrium. What every organized system strives for on a continual basis. Life is about maintaining balance and if something occurs to push us out of equilibrium, internal and external forces work vigorously to put things back in place. In diet, exercise, nutrition it is no different. I don't punish myself if I slip out of a hard-core, early morning workout schedule. In the long run, a few skipped sessions on the elliptical are not going to make a difference if they are balanced by moderation in calories (with the help of low-calorie foods and snacks - a la Splenda®) and vigorous activity on most days. The same is true with any vice, be it chocolate or a delicious spending spree. It is what we do consistently that defines the quality of our lives. Enjoy life, be gentle to yourself, and savor the pleasures that surround you! Happy Friday!
Audrey T.

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Anonymous said...

AT, I understand the missing a few workouts phenomenon, but what is the best way to get going again after you have missed several? I know the things I should eat, but a philly cheese steak sounds more tempting come lunch time. Then, with darkness falling on us much sooner in the winter, evenings seem to be much shorter and comfort foods more appealing, including the wine by the fire after dinner. Help me! Give me a few quick winter food ideas! AND, please do not mention meatloaf. Thanks Audrey!