Monday, January 15, 2007

Office exercise

Missed my early morning workout and feel a major difference -- less energized. Not a way to start the week! It is very hard to get a long exercises break at the Audrey's strategy for the day.... print all documents on printer at opposite end of building.

I estimate it is an extra 50 steps to the other printer. If I normally print 10-20 documents a day, making this one little change will add 500 to 1000 extra steps to my normally sedentary workday (the bane of many a working gal's figure -- sitting all day). I throw in a couple of 10 minute walks around the building, and voila! I will have burned an additional 250 calories while at work (the same aprox number a cals burned if I did 30 min of low impact aerobics).

Those extra 250 cals burned daily would result in 1-pound weight loss every 2 weeks. Imagine losing weight without having to change into gym clothes and break a sweat. Hmmm, 30 minutes of low impact aerobics at 5 am or walking a little more throughout the day -- it's nice to have options.

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