Wednesday, February 07, 2007

N.Y. Fashion Week

Themes from NY fashion week are as follows:

Slimmer knits
Layered textures and patterns
Dots, polka dots
Bright colors balanced by muted neutrals
Acid -- stomach acid, in the toilets backstage

OK, point five is a bit gross, but according to a report on MSNBC,, janitors at one show said the smell of vomit was very obvious in the models' bathrooms. What could be more in contrast to the glamorous images of runway models, with gazelle-like grace swishing down the stage, than the those same gazelle-like gals ramming boney fingers down pencil thin throats to expel stomach contents into toilet bowls. Sorry to be so graphic, but this story is really disturbing. Yes, fashion is fun and fabulous and very demanding.

Having written about the joy of slimness, AT must pause for a clarification. It is one thing to enjoy being able to slip into "skinny" jeans but it is an entirely different thing to starve yourself or force yourself to vomit as a way to "diet". Starvation and depravation are NOT part of the low-calorie, healthy eating I strive to maintain. Saving calories is great and incorporating low-calorie, Splenda sweetened treats into a healthy foods diet is one aspect of being ready for high fashion styles. But the emphasis must always be on health. Health is built from the adequate, daily intake of essential dietary components:

Whole grains -- provide energy and fiber,
Lean protein – builds muscle and repairs body tissue and cells,
Low-fat dairy – adds bone strengthening minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous,
Seeds and nuts – provide energy and essential fats to keep hair and skin lustrous and smooth,
Fresh vegetables and fruits -- provide fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Suday

Spent a delightful evening watching sweet little Payton pull off a Super Bowl victory!! Celebrated with a fun mix of future football stars, all under 3 yrs old but with clear NFL potential, and the proud parents of those future Super "Bowlers." Between bites of bug shaped chicken nuggets (ok, AT is not above competing with those little line-men for chicken nuggets), tasty black bean salsa, and butter scotch, oatmeal cookies (def. not sugar-free) I contemplated how easily one could slip out of the low-cal lifestyle. What did I do? I enjoyed those chicken nuggets, spinach pastries, black bean salsa and a couple of wonderful (but decidedly not sugar free) cookies. Hey, I did my pre-game Pilates and could "afford" a few extra calories.

This morning did I roll out of bed sluggish and feeling guilty? NO! I felt refreshed from having laughed and celebrated with friends, started the day with a berry protein smoothie (with Splenda) and 40 minutes of cardio. One night of celebration is perfectly ok when you are working on a balanced, healthy lifestyle. In fact, as long as we make sensible, low-cal decisions most of the time, then it is easy to enjoy Sugar-free Style.