Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Suday

Spent a delightful evening watching sweet little Payton pull off a Super Bowl victory!! Celebrated with a fun mix of future football stars, all under 3 yrs old but with clear NFL potential, and the proud parents of those future Super "Bowlers." Between bites of bug shaped chicken nuggets (ok, AT is not above competing with those little line-men for chicken nuggets), tasty black bean salsa, and butter scotch, oatmeal cookies (def. not sugar-free) I contemplated how easily one could slip out of the low-cal lifestyle. What did I do? I enjoyed those chicken nuggets, spinach pastries, black bean salsa and a couple of wonderful (but decidedly not sugar free) cookies. Hey, I did my pre-game Pilates and could "afford" a few extra calories.

This morning did I roll out of bed sluggish and feeling guilty? NO! I felt refreshed from having laughed and celebrated with friends, started the day with a berry protein smoothie (with Splenda) and 40 minutes of cardio. One night of celebration is perfectly ok when you are working on a balanced, healthy lifestyle. In fact, as long as we make sensible, low-cal decisions most of the time, then it is easy to enjoy Sugar-free Style.

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