Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Calorie control for business dinners

When it comes to eating out or entertaining clients, follow Audrey’s Rule of One -- enjoy the bread but have only one slice or one small roll and the same goes for appetizers, taste one or two but don't go back for seconds. Desserts can be sumptuous, but they also add major calories to the end of a meal. Following the rule of one, select a dessert you like and order extra spoons to share it with the table. Take a few bites and then pass the plate down for others to enjoy. If sharing is not an option, ask for seasonal fruit and sprinkle with a little Splenda® or skip dessert and opt for flavored coffee (tasty option with Splenda®’s flavor blends for coffee – hazelnut, YUM! ) to the end the meal. Another way to save calories when eating out is asking for the sauce, salad dressing, butter, etc. to be served on the side. That way you can add the amount you want, a little at a time.

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