Thursday, March 29, 2007

Weight loss savings from simple changes and substitutions

Following up on a previous post, here are some more ideas for simple changes and subsitutions for weight loss:

  • Choose non-fat dairy and that can save about 150 calories a day. Again, this small change can add up to 15 pounds lost over the course of a year.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Studies show that individuals that eat breakfast tend to eat less throughout the day, saving on average 300-400 calories, compared to non-breakfast eaters. Those calories saved can promote serious weight loss.
  • Switch to lower fat versions of favorite treats. Use baked or fat-free chips in place of regular chips and opt for frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Again, shaving calories throughout the day will help promote weight loss.
  • Eat slowly. Make every meal last at least 20 minutes. It takes that long for the stomach and the brain to communicate. Gulping down meals means that you eat more calories before the brain has time to signal the full feeling (satiety). Slower eaters can save 100-300 calories at each meal.

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