Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Staying fit on the road, Part 2

More tips for travel. I need to follow these considering the mini-bar binge on my last trip.

Bring the Right Tools

Make sure to pack exercise clothes and running shoes. These items may take up space, but thinking of them as essentials can justify the extra weight. Having the right gear on hand will make a dash around the local park or 20 minutes on the treadmill more feasible – and you are less likely to wimp out of the gym with the “I don’t have anything to wear” excuse.

Be Prepared

From the healthy eating perspective, the main rule is to be prepared. Slip a few low-calorie snack bars in your carry on and avoid the calorie-laden snacks on the plane. Grab a few pieces of fresh fruit from the breakfast bar to snack on later in the day. Save calories whenever possible by opting for low-calorie beverages like diet soda or no-calorie flavored water. Instead of sugar in your coffee or on your cereal, use a packet or two of Splenda.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Face cake?

Face cake is not Splendalicious! Besides it is really creepy to eat food that has a face. Upon my return from the north country, I discovered that I brought an extra 3 #'s home, not in luggage, but on the bod. Having o.d. on chocolate in my hotel room, the mini bar + boredom = binge, the extra #age is not a real surprise. The hour long exercise is difficult when the minibar and ppv is calling, "woman, thy name is weakness," I question the 10,000 steps = 5 mile/day. I think the pedometer is being generous. My body doesn't register 5 miles of effort...

Clearly the sugar/junk food consumption is a slippery slope. Easter was the beginning, and with one innocent CB egg, I unleashed my inner sugar junky. I don't know why, but when I stay away from sugary treats my cravings for them decline and when I indulge daily, those cravings get stronger. The only stop button seems to be the scale and for that reason, doing a weight check several times/week is a handy way to stay on track. Next trip I am going to request the removal of all "trigger" foods from mini bar and/or leave the key at the front desk. Also, will carry on a small cooler with fave. low-cal snacks and beverages, all of which will be sweet with Splenda.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Letters from afar

Easter recovery post
  • one hour of cardio is impossible! AT resorts to 20-30 minutes - good enough for on the road.
  • chocolate addiction still in full effect.
  • handy pedometer indicates AT is at least getting five miles of walking in per day.

More updates when I return.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Now that the damage is done...

The phrase, "you can't eat just one," for potato chips also applies, in my case, to the Cadbury cream egg. Forget restraint! Over the weekend I ate probably 10 of these delectable, spring time treats and now find myself with a serious sugar hangover. You know what I mean…jittery, sluggish, light headed and sick to my stomach – not to mention feeling 400 lbs over weight. Yikes!
I now remember why I kicked the sugar habit (or at least significantly reduced my intake of refined sugars) 3 years ago. Low-cal sweeteners and foods and beverages that contain them, have no impact on blood sugar, and therefore never leave me feeling jittery or insulin crashed-- even after an episode of "over indulgence" in sugar free treats. Now what? I know that moderation and balance is key. Indulging in holiday treats, on occasion, does not require the curtain to close on a commitment to sensible, healthy eating. However, I feel a strong need to “detox” and I guess its because my body is totally out of whack from my weekend trip through Candy Land. A recovery strategy is needed. My plan is below and I’ll keep you posted on how closely I’m able to stick to it – which will be challenging since I’m OOT for the rest of the week. Anyway, for interested parties:

  • 1 hr of cardio daily, at least for next 5 days (burn up excess calories -- not just from the CBEs)

  • Skim milk, lean protein, veggies (5 svgs daily), 2-3 svgs whole fruit and whole grains

  • NO, for the time being, to martini’s with the girls, pizza & beer w/ the guys and the champagne/caviar lifestyle

  • 3 meals and 2 snacks (will require a batch cooking and food prep. session tonight)

  • If in need of sweet(s) -- Indulge in a Splenda® sweetened beverage or dessert.

  • Wt. training and yoga 3 times/wk -- have been skipping these essential components "phys ed."

Cut to Aerosmith's classic, “Back in the saddle again," as the credits roll...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Menu

Let's see...entertaining friends and family for an Easter brunch. What to feed a crowd of 14 (that includes an entourage of family pets)? If I see another ham spiral I think I'll kick it out the door. So ham, def. out! So far the menu consists of mimosas, my mother's old-fashioned deviled eggs and iced tea with mint. Not a balanced menu, but I'll toss in a couple of Cadbury Eggs as dessert and I'm done. All I have to do is clean up the house, which means gather all shoes, handbags and cloths scattered around the house and toss into back bdrm closet. Next, "borrow" flowers from a neighbor's garden and arrange artfully around in vases about the place. Finally, polish silver serving platters, check crystal for dust, set table and I should be ready to handle 14 wild guest and furry fiends! BTW, Cadbury Eggs are an extreme delight! I usually indulge in 3-10 each Spring, but I have tried to slow down my consumption due to the rapidly approaching bikini season. For your info, here is a link with the nutrition d-low on the "egg." Not exactly a Splendalicious low-cal treat!

More weight loss savings from simple changes and substitutions

Another couple of tips:

  • When dining out, forget the dessert tray. The average restaurant desert can have as many as 750 calories. Many Americans eat out 2-3 times a week, and by turning dessert down once or twice a week-- 11 to 22 pounds are gone over a year.

  • Eat more often—small frequent meals help keep hunger in check and that can help curb cravings or binges. Add mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks like low calorie yogurt and a piece of fruit, light cheese and whole-wheat crackers, etc. By preventing a binge it is estimated that calories saved can range 250-400 calories.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Staying fit on the road

I do a lot of traveling. Over the years I have learned a few tricks that help me squeeze both good nutrition and exercise into my travels.

Be Flexible

Flights get delayed, hotel fitness equipment is not always available, and business dinners can be high-calorie affairs. Flexibility means taking the stairs when possible or walking around the airport terminal when waiting on the inevitably delayed flight (if you have carry-on luggage -- even better as it adds extra resistance and helps get that heart rate up). If your hotel does not have a fitness center, use the extra floor space in your room for calisthenics, jumping rope, running or marching in place, or even dancing to the local tunes coming out of the clock radio. Set the alarm or wake up call for 20 min early, roll out of bed, put on your gear and just MOVE.

Plan Ahead

Forget the airline “food” and bring your own flight friendly snacks. Keep lower-calorie, healthy snacks close by, and try to eat every three to four hrs at a minimum. Try snacking on nutrition bars, dried fruit, or whole grain crackers. On long car trips, I pack a cooler with water, diet sodas, low-calorie yogurt, fresh fruit, veggies and a light dip. Snacking throughout the day keeps hunger at bay, making a raid on the vending machine less tempting, plus healthy snacks give you're body a boost with extra nutrients and fiber.