Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Menu

Let's see...entertaining friends and family for an Easter brunch. What to feed a crowd of 14 (that includes an entourage of family pets)? If I see another ham spiral I think I'll kick it out the door. So ham, def. out! So far the menu consists of mimosas, my mother's old-fashioned deviled eggs and iced tea with mint. Not a balanced menu, but I'll toss in a couple of Cadbury Eggs as dessert and I'm done. All I have to do is clean up the house, which means gather all shoes, handbags and cloths scattered around the house and toss into back bdrm closet. Next, "borrow" flowers from a neighbor's garden and arrange artfully around in vases about the place. Finally, polish silver serving platters, check crystal for dust, set table and I should be ready to handle 14 wild guest and furry fiends! BTW, Cadbury Eggs are an extreme delight! I usually indulge in 3-10 each Spring, but I have tried to slow down my consumption due to the rapidly approaching bikini season. For your info, here is a link with the nutrition d-low on the "egg." Not exactly a Splendalicious low-cal treat!

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