Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Face cake?

Face cake is not Splendalicious! Besides it is really creepy to eat food that has a face. Upon my return from the north country, I discovered that I brought an extra 3 #'s home, not in luggage, but on the bod. Having o.d. on chocolate in my hotel room, the mini bar + boredom = binge, the extra #age is not a real surprise. The hour long exercise is difficult when the minibar and ppv is calling, "woman, thy name is weakness," I question the 10,000 steps = 5 mile/day. I think the pedometer is being generous. My body doesn't register 5 miles of effort...

Clearly the sugar/junk food consumption is a slippery slope. Easter was the beginning, and with one innocent CB egg, I unleashed my inner sugar junky. I don't know why, but when I stay away from sugary treats my cravings for them decline and when I indulge daily, those cravings get stronger. The only stop button seems to be the scale and for that reason, doing a weight check several times/week is a handy way to stay on track. Next trip I am going to request the removal of all "trigger" foods from mini bar and/or leave the key at the front desk. Also, will carry on a small cooler with fave. low-cal snacks and beverages, all of which will be sweet with Splenda.

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