Monday, April 09, 2007

Now that the damage is done...

The phrase, "you can't eat just one," for potato chips also applies, in my case, to the Cadbury cream egg. Forget restraint! Over the weekend I ate probably 10 of these delectable, spring time treats and now find myself with a serious sugar hangover. You know what I mean…jittery, sluggish, light headed and sick to my stomach – not to mention feeling 400 lbs over weight. Yikes!
I now remember why I kicked the sugar habit (or at least significantly reduced my intake of refined sugars) 3 years ago. Low-cal sweeteners and foods and beverages that contain them, have no impact on blood sugar, and therefore never leave me feeling jittery or insulin crashed-- even after an episode of "over indulgence" in sugar free treats. Now what? I know that moderation and balance is key. Indulging in holiday treats, on occasion, does not require the curtain to close on a commitment to sensible, healthy eating. However, I feel a strong need to “detox” and I guess its because my body is totally out of whack from my weekend trip through Candy Land. A recovery strategy is needed. My plan is below and I’ll keep you posted on how closely I’m able to stick to it – which will be challenging since I’m OOT for the rest of the week. Anyway, for interested parties:

  • 1 hr of cardio daily, at least for next 5 days (burn up excess calories -- not just from the CBEs)

  • Skim milk, lean protein, veggies (5 svgs daily), 2-3 svgs whole fruit and whole grains

  • NO, for the time being, to martini’s with the girls, pizza & beer w/ the guys and the champagne/caviar lifestyle

  • 3 meals and 2 snacks (will require a batch cooking and food prep. session tonight)

  • If in need of sweet(s) -- Indulge in a Splenda® sweetened beverage or dessert.

  • Wt. training and yoga 3 times/wk -- have been skipping these essential components "phys ed."

Cut to Aerosmith's classic, “Back in the saddle again," as the credits roll...

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Kate G. said...

AT, I totally share your obsession with Cadbury eggs. Once I even stooped low enough to consume three in one sitting! Now that's just disgusting! While these treats are certainly eggcellent, they are also very high in calories. Boy am I glad that Easter's over! Goodbye to those eggs for another year and good riddance.