Friday, July 20, 2007

Celsius is on fire!

Celsius continues to rack up "cool" points, with the most recent example being an appearance on Extra! The new energy drink - which is sweetened with sucralose and marketed as the first calorie-burning soda - was deemed a 'hot new discovery' on the "Gimme, Gimme" portion of the entertainment television show. In late June, Celsius won the first-ever 2007 Qatrah Award as "Best Carbonated Soft Drink" at the Arab Beverages Forum Held in Dubai. I still have yet to taste this particular beverage, but between the accolades and labeling artistry (the cans are pretty cool looking), I figure it's time I gave it a shot. Plus, it was apparently hip enough to be included in the 2007 Oscar "gift bag" and the 2007 Vision Awards goodie bag. You know, it's so important all those poor movie stars and celebrities get free swag!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try it .... when will it be in the everyday grocery stores?

Katie said...

Well, right now it is found in a limited number of venues. Here's a link to the various destinations. You can click on your particular state and search out the details. Good luck!