Tuesday, August 21, 2007

News you can sink your teeth into...

Diabetics and calorie counters rejoice!
According to a recent article in Science News, researchers have developed a low-sugar alternative to the standard U.S. supermarket watermelon.
Melon geneticist Angela Davis of the U.S. Agricultural Research Service - and her team - produced two lines of fruit whose seeds now uniformly grow into pink, low-sugar melons.
And if a series of tastes tests encompassing more than 170 youth and adults is any indication, the melon could be a huge hit with people following restricted sugar or low-carbohydrate diets. As background, domesticated watermelons tend to be so sweet, they are typically off-limits to most of the nation's 20 million people with diabetes.
The individuals involved in the taste test process were offered two types of watermelon - the conventional supermarket variety and a low-sugar version sweetened with sucralose. Researchers report the majority preferred their melon with sucralose.
The Oklahoma team will now turn its experimental melons over to seed companies.

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Hey Audrey,

Thanks for posting these great tips and recipes. Check out this great oatmeal cookie recipe that ran in my local paperon Sunday. I tried it and it was FABULOUS -- especially with the Splenda blend. :) Take care, Nancy