Friday, August 17, 2007

Seriously? Say it ain't so....

I heard about this last night and, well, it immediately made me want to reach for the closest wastebasket so I could toss up the sucralose-baked cookies I had gobbled down minutes before.
I'm sorry if this entry offends the Ryan Seacrest fans out there, but I couldn't let this tidbit pass by without some snarky commentary.
For those that haven't heard, the American Idol "personality" has been pegged the "entertainment host" of the 2008 Super Bowl - the most sacred of American sporting rituals. Seacrest’s duties will apparently include introducing the pre-game entertainment and interviewing celebrities who show up for the game.
Here's the thing...I understand the Super Bowl is no longer just about the actual game of football. It's become a family-style event padded with big-budget commercials and pre-game and half-time entertainment. That being said, I would hate to turn on the telly come Super Bowl Sunday to see this guy strolling the red carpet, asking vapid celebrities - with no interest or knowledge of football - what designer they wore to the big game.
Now, keep in mind this rant is coming from someone who thinks American Idol is one of the worst things to happen to television. For me, watching karaoke-style singers warble crap-tastic ballads every year is not the best form of entertainment. But hey, different strokes for different folks.
Guess I'll have more than enough time to hit the bathroom and fill up on beer next half-time Super Bowl show.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone over 40 shouldn't wear a fauxhawk.. that's all I have to say...