Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No wonder women have self-esteem issues...

When I started blogging, I promised myself I would never write anything about pathetic, maladjusted celebrities. My feeling is, the less attention these people get, the better. Plus, the fact that important national and international news has often been buried below, for example, an update on a spoiled heiress getting sent to the pokey? Irritating to say the least.
Well, I decided to break that self-made vow yesterday after seeing - and hearing - some of the comments about the Britney Spears-Video Music Awards debacle. Was her performance awful? From the little bit I watched online yesterday, the answer would be a resounding yes. She couldn't sing. She couldn't dance. She wasn't even able to lip-sync in tune.
But is she overweight? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
For those unaware of the subsequent barrage of "beached whale" jokes, here are a few other weight-related Britney snarks I've seen published. "Lard & Clear Loser at VMAs" was the headline of a New York Post article that said the pop singer "jiggled like Jell-O." Here's another one: "The bulging belly she was flaunting was SO not hot," wrote E! Online. Finally..."Many women wouldn’t eat for days if they were wearing that," said Janice Min, editor of US Weekly.
Look, I agree she probably should not have been strutting around the stage in such an unforgivingly skimpy bikini. But as far as pounds go, the Brit-ster still looks amazing. Sure, she doesn't have the abs-of-steel she rocked back in her late teens, but she's older now and has given birth...twice.
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average woman is 5 foot 4 inches tall and 164 pounds - in other words, a size 14. I guarantee Ms. Spears remains significantly smaller than the average gal.
This isn't the first time celebrities have been bashed for not resembling toothpicks. I still remember this magazine headline - "Batman and Fatgirl" - about Alicia Silverstone's appearance in the George Clooney Batman film about a decade ago. The article came out around the same time I was captain of my high school swim team, a sport where many struggle with eating disorders. The movie blew chunks, but despite what the celebrity rags said, Alicia looked fantastic with a few extra pounds on her slight frame.
So riddle me this, gang. How do you tell girls to appreciate their own bodies when magazines blast celebrities larger than a size 4? In a time when actresses and models are dropping down to frighteningly skeletal proportions, I think we're sending a dangerous message by trashing women for having full, healthy figures. Sticks and stones...words do hurt, you know.
In conclusion, I'm no Britney fan. I think she's a train wreck and should focus on her family rather than where the next party is taking place.
But the girl ain't fat!
I'll be back tomorrow with more sugar-free news and recipes. Just had to rant about this particular topic.


Anonymous said...

Right on! I was absolutely DISGUSTED when I finally saw a picture of Britney in her flashy performance gear and realized that the person who's body people (read: the media) had been making rude comments about actually looked JUST FINE and definitely MUCH better than most of the people (men AND women) I see walking around my town. However horrible the performance may have been, the body was just fine. Stupid media...and stupid people that swallow what the media tells 'em without THINKING first!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Robin, but hell I'd let her spoon feed me anytime. :P