Thursday, September 06, 2007

A sugar-free juice a day keeps the junk monster at bay

I don't know what your eating habits were like as a kid, but I know mine were less than healthy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner often turned into a table war between parents and child over anything green. Lettuce, carrots and celery sticks? No thanks! Give me Wonder bread, Cheetos and Count Chocula. Steamed chicken? I'd prefer a fried McChicken Sandwich from Mickey D's. Orange juice? I'd pass over that in a New York minute if a high-calorie soft drink or sugary punch was available.
It's a good thing I was always playing sports and had parents who were determined to keep their little rascals healthy, no matter how much said rascals griped. Otherwise, I'm sure I would have ballooned in size during the very years when schoolyard teasing mattered the most.
That being said, I tried out a sugar-free juice the other day that I think might entice even the most junk food-addicted of children. Sun Shower Nectarine Juices is 100 percent juice, pressed from nectarines and sweetened with sucralose. There are also two other blends that include berries and mango. For children that turn their noses up at orange juice, Sun Shower might be a tasty high-vitamin C alternative. Finally, keep this little tidbit in mind. One 12-ounce bottle offers up two full servings of fruit. So if you're worried about your kid trading in an apple at lunch for a bag of Doritos, this could help fulfill their daily fruit intake.

Per Serving:
93 calories, 21g carbs, 0g fat

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