Friday, September 28, 2007

This, I have to check out...

Fizzies probably don't mean much to those of us who didn't grow up in the late 1950s and 1960s. I'd always heard about them and figured they were like the Pop Rocks of my parents' generation.
Well, all us young 'uns now have the opportunity to find out what Fizzies actually taste like. Online vintage candy stores have recently begun promoting a reformulated version of Fizzies sweetened with sucralose.
So what are Fizzies? Apparently it's an effervescent tablet - similar to Alka Seltzer - that turns water into soda. Although marketed primarily to children back in the day, Fizzies were also popular among adults as sugar-free alternatives to traditional soft drinks. Original Fizzies came in several different fruit flavors, such as orange and grape, along with traditional soda flavors like root beer.
I don't know how these tablets taste, but as a fan of all those crazy candies back in the 80s - I'm more than willing to give it a try.

Just for fun, here's an old-school commercial for Fizzies.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about a blast from the past! (The commercial I remeber best ended with the line:"It's a happy Fizzy party".) I was one of nine kids, and Fizzies were great because we could each have the flavor we wanted. No measuring cup for sugar, and instant gratification made Mom a big fan! Kool-Aid made a whole pitcher, so it brought on a few "discussions" about whose turn it was to pick the flavor, not to mention arguments about whose glass was fuller. What was really fun was to put the tablet in your mouth and you could foam at the mouth in rainbow colors. Those were the days!