Monday, October 22, 2007

Devilish Dee-Lite

Although I often joke that I'm a frozen dinner kinda gal, I'm actually a pretty solid cook when I find (or take) the time to whip things up. So in honor of a friend's birthday this weekend, I decided to roll up my sleeves and make her favorite - Black Forest Cake. This is a popular dessert from Germany that features several layers of chocolate cake sandwiched by whipped cream and cherries. In other words, it's about a bazillion calories. Okay, okay. So I exaggerate. It's more like 700 calories, 89 carbs and nearly 34 grams of fat per serving. Sheesh. Either way, this isn't great news for a group of people trying to cut back on calories. So because the birthday girl - and everyone else in our circle of friends these days - wanted to avoid the additional pounds, I went the low-sugar route on this recipe. And wow! It turned out perfectly and earned high marks from all the revelers.

A quick shout out to SparkPeople and Pillsbury for assistance on this particular "Black Forest Cake Lite" recipe. I started off with Pillsbury's Moist Supreme Reduced Sugar Devils Food Cake mix. Sweetened with Splenda, this new mix boasts 50 percent less sugar than the regular version. And let me tell ya, you couldn't taste the difference. By the way, for those interested, Pillsbury also has a reduced-sugar yellow cake mix, along with vanilla and chocolate frostings.

So add this to your list of low-sugar recipes. Feel free to add frosting, but we found that because the cake was already so sweet, a dab of Cool Whip worked great as a topping.

1 box Pillsbury Moist Supreme Reduced Sugar Devil's Food Cake
1 can Lucky Leaf Lite Cherry Pie Filling
1 can Diet Cherry Coke
Cool Whip Lite

1. Blend the cake mix and soda in a bowl for at least one minute until fully mixed.
2. Fold in cherry pie filling.
3. Pour into cake pan and bake according to box directions.
4. Cool and serve.

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