Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Truthiness and justice for all!

I'd been meaning to buy a Stewart/Colbert 2008 bumper sticker to show support for my two favorite political satirists. Glad I waited because it appears those stickers will not be valid much longer. Instead, I'll have to look for a Colbert/Colbert sticker - or perhaps one bearing the running-mate names of either Huckabee or Putin.
Yes, it's true. Stephen Colbert, everyone's favorite pseudoconservative blowhard, is running for president...but only in South both the Republican and Democrat primaries.
Accompanied by audience cheers and a cascade of red, white and blue balloons, the Comedy Central pundit announced on Tuesday night's Colbert Report that he is officially entering the 2008 presidential race.
"After nearly 15 minutes of soul searching, I have heard the call," said Colbert. "Nation, I will seek the office of the president of the United States."

Earlier that night, he made a surprise appearance on The Daily Show, arriving on the back of a bicycle piloted by a guy dressed as Uncle Sam. After cracking open a bottle of beer, Colbert told former boss Jon Stewart he was considering a run but would make "an announcement of that decision very soon, preferably on a more prestigious show."

Sadly, Stewart - who I've been crushing on since his early days of comedy on MTV - will not be included on the ticket. Still, I can't wait to see how far this goes. Either way, I'm sure the announcement is in no way related to drumming up publicity for Colbert's new book, "I Am America (And So Can You!)"

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gooooodness! I was cracking up when I heard this - and still am! Seriously, these guys are hilarious. I only wish Stewart was on the ticket too. Thanks for my morning laugh!!!!