Friday, November 30, 2007

Gingerbread goodness

As I've made clear in a previous column, I'm not one of those people who rushes off to Starbucks every weekend to plunk down nearly $5 on a non-fat, soy-milk, no-foam double-shot latte. And on the few occasions I do spend money on coffee (rather than making my own), you're more likely to find me visiting the local mom-and-pop style, independent neighborhood cafe. However, I did make a trip over to the local Starbucks this afternoon after hearing this fabulous tidbit: they're now offering a sugar-free Gingerbread Latte. For reals! And that news absolutely made my day.
For me, the seasonal Starbucks Gingerbread Latte is like McDonald's Shamrock Shake around St. Patrick's Day - I have to order at least one every year. It's definitely my favorite of the holiday coffee drinks. And the fact that they've now cut the calories and sugar is the icing on this java-licious cake. If you order a tall, nonfat, sugar-free gingerbread latte, you're only taking in 90 calories and 14g carbs...which ain't bad when you compare it to the 200-calorie, 38g-carb original version.
However, if you prefer to make this latte at home, I'd suggest investing in some Splenda-sweetened, sugar-free Gingerbread Syrup from Da Vinci Gourmet.
That and a little whipped cream will do the trick!
Either way, this delectable treat is like a liquid dessert that doesn't pile up calories.
If you're looking for some other low-fat, low-cal replacements for some of Starbucks' most popular drinks, the crew over at Hungry Girl has whipped up a few yummy-sounding concoctions.
Seasons greetings!

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