Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't be double-dipping in my salsa bowl!

"You dip the way you want to dip. I'll dip the way I want to dip." George Costanza, Seinfeld

Yes, I know the title of this particular entry sounds a wee bit dirty. But it's all about food, I swear!

Anyhoodle, all you Seinfeld fans out there should get a kick out of a new study set to be published in the Journal of Food Safety. Conducted by Clemson University, it was proposed by Prof. Paul Dawson, a food microbiologist, after he saw a rerun of a 1993 "Seinfeld" episode where George Costanza is confronted after dipping the same chip twice. Here's a recap of the HI-larious scene:

GEORGE: "Double-dipped"? What are you talking about?

TIMMY: You dipped the chip. You took a bite. And you dipped again.

GEORGE: So...?

TIMMY: That's like putting your whole mouth right in the dip! From now on, when you take a chip - just take one dip and end it!

Still cracks me up, so many years later. Then again, I was a huge fan of the show all along.

Moving on, not only did the episode spawn the creation of the term "double dip," but it seems Timmy wasn't so far off the mark about his germ concerns. According to the study results, sporadic double dipping transfers at least 50 to 100 bacteria from one mouth to another with every bite. Blech.

Dawson suggests thinking of it this way..."Before you have some dip at a party, look around and ask yourself, would I be willing to kiss everyone here? Because you don't know who might be double dipping, and those who do are sharing their saliva with you."

Keep that in mind should you wind up in front of a communal guacamole bowl this Super Bowl Sunday.

I'll be back tomorrow with some low-cal tailgate-friendly recipe options sure to win you some fans of your own. Until then, here's a clip of the famous "double dip" incident.

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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking this morning about the super bowl food and etiquette. great post!