Monday, January 28, 2008

Rooting for a low-calorie root beer float

I've never been a big pop drinker. Even in college, when most kids were downing Coke like it was water, I was more likely to knock back steaming mugs of coffee or tea - or beer, hee! - than guzzle soft drinks for the caffeine kick. That being said, I was always a bit of a sucker for a nice, cold glass of root beer. So I was thrilled this afternoon when I read that Thomas Kemper Soda Co. was unveiling a new, low-calorie root beer sweetened with honey and sucralose.
Racking up a mere 20 calories, the light root beer will grace store shelves in late February. Low-cal versions of the company's Ginger Ale and Black Cherry sodas will also be released, but in April.

Ya know, if you poured some of that light root beer over two scoops of Breyers CarbSmart vanilla ice cream, you'd have quite the tasty - yet low-cal - treat. I'm certainly willing to give it a shot!

After all, I figure Thomas Kemper Co. is already quite the expert when it comes to combining root beer and ice cream. Back in 1996, they made the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the world's largest root beer float. Using a 4,000-ton carbonating tank and 900 gallons of ice cream, the float was a whopping 2,166.5 gallons. That would have been an impressive sight, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

HUGE fan of the root beer float! Takes me back to my childhood and nothing beats it for the ultimate indulge yourself and feel fabulous treat. Thanks for the info and the links!