Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling a little lost

Most of my friends know that I'm usually accessible should they need to reach me. However, there is one hour each week where folks are strictly "forboden" to call - and if they do, I will NOT pick up the phone. That, dear readers, is during "LOST." As loyal viewers of that show know, you turn your attention away for just one minute, and you may have missed a major plot point or Easter egg. And last night, by the way, I think my brain officially short circuited...just like poor Eloise and Minkowski. It was that good, and that much of a mind-tease, that I still don't know what exactly went down despite significant post-show analysis with friends. Yet, I still want more!
For those unfamiliar with Lost, I say get thee to the closest video store and watch the previous seasons so you can catch up. It is, by far, the smartest show on television. Not to mention there is some serious eye candy for both men and women. Anyhoo, I wish I could explain it to you's virtually impossible. On paper, it's simple. Commercial passenger jet crashes onto a mysterious tropical island and scrappy survivors must learn how to fend for themselves while awaiting rescue. But honey, this ain't no "Gilligan's Island" or even "Lord of the Flies." It's so much more complex, delving into science and faith conflicts and allusions, apocalyptic references and providing all sorts of philosophical, mythological and literary subtext for fans to chew up and disect. I mean, even the numbers mentioned in each episode have some sort of deeper meaning...unless the producers are just messing with our heads, which is entirely possible.
Either way, though, I've somehow been talked into hosting a Lost-themed party in honor of the series finale in a few weeks. Yikes! See, I love to attend parties, not plan this will require some brainstorming! Because of the show's island setting, I might do more of a tropical-theme with sugar-free cocktails along with beer and appetizers. Or I could use meals that symbolize something in the show. Too bad those Dharma Initiative snack labels aren't still available. That would be super cool! Yes, I know...I'm a nerd who is WAY too excited about this show. But at least I'm not getting all geeked out about something lame like "American Idol" or "The Hills." Yeah, them's fighting words - Bring it!

So here are a few more recipe ideas I might include. Any thoughts, comments or concerns from the peanut gallery?

Watermelon Fruit Salad Bowl

Colorful Seafood Pasta Salad

Polynesian Pork Chops

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Sugar-Free Pina Coladas

For those of you still not moved enough by my poetic words to tune into Lost, check out a promo summing up the action taking place this season. It's all sorts of awesome.

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