Friday, March 07, 2008

Calling all hot cereal fans...

Breakfast has always been one of my favorite meals. Some people avoid it...I can't get through the day without it. From scrambled egg whites and toast to yogurt with granola, I just HAVE to eat some sort of morning meal to function. That's why today is such a great day. Rejoice, breakfast fans, because it's National Cereal Day. And as far as I'm concerned, you can snarf down cereal anytime of the day - whether it's morning, noon or night.

Lately, in particular, I've been all about the oatmeal. There's just something so satisfying about it. Plus, it doesn't hurt knowing that studies show daily consumption of oatmeal can lower blood cholesterol. When I have the time, I make the steel-cut version. Most days, unfortunately, I seem to be rushing out the door, and that's when my single-serving packets of the instant variety come in handy.

Anyhoo, I've been trying to regularly switch up my oatmeal styles, so as not to get bored with it. From bananas to brown sugar to peaches and cream, toppings truly do make a difference. So for those of you who think oatmeal is boring, I'm attaching two yummy looking recipes - the first from and the second from Hungry Girl - to check out.

Oatmeal with Blueberries & Cream

Guilt-free Oatmeal

I'm also including a link to this old-school Quaker Oatmeal commercial that brings back memories. While I still often associate that brand with an old Wilford Brumley talking about how it's the "right thing to do and the tasty way to do it," I was about Timmy's age when this particular commercial came out, so discovering it on YouTube was pretty funny. Only question is, will it make a hot cereal lover out of you?!!!

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