Friday, March 28, 2008

Hanging out on Avenue Q

My more loyal readers probably already know about my long-standing adoration of Sesame Street and the Muppets. Needless to say, I've been jonesing to see Avenue Q - the Broadway show starring puppets - since I first heard about it several years ago. I finally got my opportunity last night, when the production came to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Holy hilarity, Batman. We literally laughed so hard, we cried. It was fabulous!
For those of you in the dark, Avenue Q is the story of a group of 20 and 30-somethings living in a New York City neighborhood and their struggle to find jobs, dates and a purpose in life. It centers around bright-eyed kindergarten teaching assistant Kate Monster and her romantic interest Princeton, a newcomer with big dreams and a tiny bank account. Other characters include struggling comedian Brian and his fiancee, Christmas Eve, a therapist unable to find patients; slacker Nicky and his uptight roommate Rod, a Republican investment banker with a secret; an Internet addict called Trekkie Monster and a building superintendent named Gary Coleman, who just happens to be a former child actor. Ya huh. The show is an homage to Sesame Street, but with an emphasis on adult issues.
Although the material is couched in comedy, I think the show rings true with many grownups - especially those in my age bracket. My group of friends certainly related. With songs like "What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?" and "I Wish I Could Go Back to College," it's almost as if the writers were listening into some of our recent my case, just replace the English BA with a Journalism degree. Hee.
Anyhoo, should the utterly irreverant and hi-LAR-ious Avenue Q be playing in your neighborhood in the not-so-distant future, I strongly encourage you to attend.
Although I'd love to attach some AQ clips here, the content isn't really appropriate for this blog. So instead of Trekkie, I thought I'd include a song featuring Cookie Monster, the character he is modeled after.
I'm also including this sucralose-sweetened sugar cookie recipe to honor my favorite monster, as well as a Long Island Iced Tea recipe in honor of a certain scene from Avenue Q.

Happy Friday, gang!

Long Island Iced Tea
1/3 oz vodka
1/3 oz rum
1/3 oz gin
1/3 oz tequila
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
2 packets Splenda
2 Tbsp water
diet cola
fresh slice lemon
tall glass of ice
* Dissolve Splenda in water. Add mixture to cocktail shaker, along with all liquors and lemon juice. Shake well. Pour into tall cocktail glass filled with ice, add diet cola until filled. Garnish with fresh slice of lemon.


Sara said...

I've been dying to see "Avenue Q"!

Katie said...

Teeny, it was fabulous! Two thumbs way up. Definitely check it out if you get the chance.

Monkey said...

I found your blog accidentally while looking at Georgia bloggers...had to say that Cookie Monster was my favorite growing up! Probably what is wrong with children today is that they don't have Mister Rogers and the old school Sesame Street to teach them how to act properly in society. :)

Katie said...

Very true, Monkey! I completely agree.