Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Asheville, here I come!

Well, not quite...but that will be the case around this time on Friday, when we hit the road for some Memorial Day fun! Don't get me wrong - I like Atlanta and all. But good grief, do I ever need to get away from this city for a few days!! I feel like it's been eons since I've had any type of vay-cay.
So I'll be heading up to North Carolina for a long weekend packed with music and camping. It's going to be a blast. But it's been almost three years since I spent the night sleeping under the stars so...what's a girl to pack?
Well, for starters, we've got a camping stove, tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, tarp and rain gear in case of bad weather (Mother Nature, please work with me this time!). I'm also bringing weather-appropriate, comfy clothes and shoes. Other things to think about? Towels, TP, anti-bacterial soap, First Aid kit, sunscreen and plenty of water. As for food, we're bringing lots of snacks, Ramen, veggies and dried fruit. And there will be beer, of course. Anyhoo, I've been asked to contribute at least two meals to the three-day menu, so I'm whipping up some awesome Splenda-sweetened oatmeal on-site and pre-making a sugar-free pie and spicy peanuts to bring along. How's this look?

Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix

Apple Pie Oatmeal

S'Mores Campfire Pie

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