Friday, May 02, 2008

Chew on that

"And then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa!" - Chunk, The Goonies

Well, bust out the Godiva box because today is National Truffles Day. And I'm not referring to the ones that look like slimy little fungi...(ugh, mushrooms!) These truffles are of the chocolate variety.
So okay, if you're like me, you associate boxes of chocolate with either Valentines Day, the weepy days following a bad break-up or Forrest Gump. But since I was able to pass by that fabulous looking confectionary shop yesterday WITHOUT stopping in for a sampling, I figure I'm due for a little "something something" - in this case, sucralose-sweetened, low-carb chocolate truffles! Can I get a "Woo hoo?!" No?
Alrighty then.
Long story short, truffles are typically made with a chocolate ganache center coated in chocolate or cocoa powder. Other fillings include cream, caramel, nuts, almonds, berries, fudge, nougat and liquor, to name a few.
Since I'm stuck house/dog-sitting for a friend this weekend, I plan on whipping up a batch of these babies and noshing in style. Thanks to RecipeZaar for the tasty looking recipe.

Low Carb Chocolate Truffles

Also, I found this fun little test, designed to determine if you're a true "chocoholic." I think I already know my answer. What will your response be?

Finally, because it's Friday, I thought I'd add a clip from The Goonies, one of the greatest movies of the 80s. At least I thought so back when I was young. Remember Chunk and his "truffle shuffle" dance? Well, I'm not attaching that clip, because it can be a wee bit offensive, but I am including his hilarious confession to the Fratelli family. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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