Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I hanker for a hunk a cheese

So I was recently told I had a bit of an cheese. Well, DUH! I DID grow up in the Midwest, after all. And I DID attend school in Wisconsin, the proud home of many a cheesehead. Several of my friends here in the South have noticed my fondness for the dairy product and it's apparently become a source of entertainment to them. Pffftttt...
So what if my cheese drawer is always brimming with goods?! I don't remember y'all turning down the brie and crackers I offered a few weeks ago. And there were more than a few takers when I busted out the mozzarella, prosciutto, basil spread only recently. SO THERE! Leave me to my cheese - and lay off the jokes, would ya?
Anyway, today must be my lucky day because it's all about cheese. That's right, folks. It's National Cheese Day. So go home, bust out a tray of crackers and cheese - whether it be Camembert, Gouda, Cheddar or Gruyere - and enjoy.
By the way, here are a few recipes to check out. The final two are sucralose-sweetened and low in calories so you can still squeeze into that bathing suit in upcoming weeks.

Cheese Scones

Potato Gratin with Munster Cheese

Cream Cheese Stuffed Apple Bread

Marvelous Mocha Cheesecake

By the way, if you're hosting any parties in the near future, I just came across this little gem of a guide provided by the American Dairy Association. It helps you pair the appropriate wines and cheeses. Cool, huh? They also have a short cheese quiz to determine your best match. In case you care, the "cheese profiler" has determined that I'm attracted to excitement and tend to jump into endeavors head-first. My food preferences are apparently equally as adventurous and include ethnic dishes featuring bold, unique flavors. "You are apt to choose cheeses that dare to defy the limits, like spicy Jalapeno Jack, smoked Gouda or an intensely flavored Gorgonzola." Oookay...I'll give you the adventurous food thing.

Anyhoo, for more fun, here is the fabulous Cheese Shop skit from the Monty Python crew, followed by an old-school PSA about cheese. Happy eating!


Anonymous said...

What??? Its National Cheese Day? Unbelievable! I am one happy girl now. I too am a major cheese fan and just enjoyed some smoked Gouda last night. and some brie earlier this week. sigh. Thanks for this very informative, resourceful and fun post!!!

Katie said...

I know, right? It's the bestest food holiday ever!
Thanks for reading!