Friday, August 22, 2008

I no longer want my MTV!

Shame on you, MTV! I've been disenchanted with you for quite awhile, but this is the nail in the coffin, so to speak.
But let's back up a bit and talk about when the relationship first began to sour. For me, it was probably when you went and basically got rid of all the music videos, which is an interesting choice for a station with MUSIC in it's title.
And then you took The Real World, which was once a somewhat relevant show about the interactions of seven strangers from completely different backgrounds, (anyone remember Pedro from the San Francisco season?) and turned it into a giant hot tub party starring a bunch of dim-witted, self-obsessed kids.
As if that wasn't bad enough, you then forced those Hills nimrods onto the general public. Why is it that I have never seen more than five minutes of the show - and rarely read the gossip rags - and yet I know all about Heidi and Spencer? I don't care!! WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS IN MY FACE!!!
But why am I now cutting you, MTV, out of my life for good? Because of a potential steaming pile of a show called "Model Maker." According to MTV's Web site, they're currently in search of girls pining for the chance to strut down the runway. The catch is, they have to be willing to shed anywhere from 30 to 80 pounds in a three month timeframe. SAY WHAT? Eighty pounds in three months? How is that healthy? And what kind of message is that sending to an already weight-obsessed generation of young women?
Look, we all know there's an obesity crisis. And for health reasons, many people need to lose weight. However, a healthy weight loss takes time and energy - it's not something that can or should be accomplished overnight.
And thanks to a society and media that bashes any female over a size four, while simultaneously glamourizing actresses and models sporting skeletal proportions, I'm sure this show will only help reinforce all those existing bad body images and promote a completely unhealthy diet among our youth.

So thanks MTV for helping teenage women learn to appreciate their own bodies, love handles and all. Let's hear it for eating disorders. Bravo!

WHEW! Now that I've finished my rant (yes, thank you, that soapbox is mighty tall these days), here are two German-influenced, sugar-free dishes for the weekend - inspired by the German Bierfest I will be attending in Atlanta tomorrow.

Have a good one!

German Apple Pancakes

Hot German Potato Salad


Monica said...

hi, you are real nice!!1

Anonymous said...

Right there with you AT!!!! MTV is no where near where they used to be or where they should be in terms of...anything! And, in food news, thanks for the potato salad recipe. I crave potato salad once in a while and when I let myself splurge I want to it be delicious and not horribly awful for me! so thanks!

Katie said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one getting offended by all things MTV. Please keep visiting and I'll keep posting yummy, sugar-free recipes!