Friday, August 15, 2008

Lemon Meringue? So much better than Strawberry Shortcake!

Growing up, I was never really into Barbie dolls all that much. It's not that I was some scabby-kneed tomboy who would snort with disdain any time friends starting playing with dolls...although I did love playing sports...I just didn't like the Barbie brand all that much. Strawberry Shortcake dolls on the other hand? LOVED 'EM! As a child of the 80s, I used to own most of the line of characters, all of whom I would create fantastical stories about, then stick in my parents' shoes and drag up and down the hallways - as if they were riding on floats in a parade. Yup, I had a pretty overactive imagination.

For those who missed out on the Strawberry Shortcake fad, each doll had their own dessert-themed name with clothing to match, as well as a dessert-named pet. And even better, all had delicious-scented hair to match their sweet theme. The characters lived and played in a magical world known as Strawberryland. Of course, not everything was roses in Strawberryland. The mustachioed Purple Pieman was a wee bit mischievous, living up in his Pie Tin Palace on Porcupine Peak. In retrospect, he was kind of a creepy character, running around doing a tap dance and constantly chanting "Yah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah, tah-tah-tah-tah! Cha!" At the time, though, he was simply the somewhat slapstick bad guy of the bunch.

Moving addition to Strawberry Shortcake, some of the other top-selling dolls in the series included Huckleberry Pie, Apple Dumplin', Raspberry Tart, Crepe Suzette, and one of my personal favorites, Lemon Meringue. Miss Lemon was a famous model and could often be found lugging around her pet, Frappe Frog.

Stop making fun! I had lots of friends who loved their Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Plus, it was popular enough to generate a video game, TV show, clothes and there! Just so you know, I also lurved My Little Pony, Rose Petal, Care Bears and don't even get me started on the fabulous Jem cartoon.

So why am I babbling on about Strawberry Shortcake dolls? Well, it's simple really. Today is National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. So what better way to give you a sucralose-sweetened, low-calorie recipe then to preface it with a long, rambling intro about dolls from the 1980s? Hee.

Here's your recipe for the day.

Lofty Lemon Meringue Pie

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And for my fellow Strawberry Shortcake fans out there, or even just retro TV buffs, here is an old-school cartoon clip for your weekend enjoyment.

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