Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Stealing Home

"There's nothing wrong with this team that more pitching, more fielding and more hitting couldn't help." Former Cub Bill Buckner

Guess where I'll be this time tomorrow? WRIGLEY FIELD! Don't hate because you know you're just jealous! It's true, though, I fly back to Chicago tonight for yet another wedding weekend. And although the Cubbies continue their descent into total suckitude, Wrigley still remains one of the best venues to watch a game. So I look forward to chowing down on a ballpark hot dog and cheering on my Lovable Losers with a $10 cup of Old Style (that is the going rate these days, correct?). In addition to scoring Cubs tix, we'll be eating our way around town this weekend. So far, we've got Argentinian steak, Polish and Greek food, deep dish pizza and Filipino cuisine on tap. And if we're lucky - and have any stomach space left - we'll also squeeze in some Indian and Middle Eastern food.
But for those of you not fortunate enough to enjoy some awesome ethnic cuisine or comford food in the Windy City this weekend, here are a few low calorie recipe variations to test out from the friendly confines of your home.

Veggie Supreme Pizza on a Stick

Cheesy Dog Tortilla Rollups

Low-Fat, Reduced-Calorie Baklava

Finally, to end things on the ultimate high note, here are a few popular Cubbies jokes. After all, despite a century of pain, you have to keep a sense of humor about it all. So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

Announcement: Will the lady who left her nine kids at Wrigley Field please pick them up? They're beating the Cubs in the bottom of the seventh.

Well, at least the Chicago Cubs are trying. They installed a new pitching machine the other day. Unfortunately it beat them 4-1.

Does anyone know what they call winning teams in Chicago?

What do you call a Cubs player with a World Series ring?
A thief.

And here is a more than 20-year-old clip of infamous "Cub Fan, Bud Man" - aka Mr. Harry Caray - singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Alright! Lemme hear ya! Ah-One! Ah-Two! Ah-Three!

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