Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Daze...

Anyone been watching the coverage of the Midwest blizzard on TV? Hot dang. That's a lot of snow and cold! Hailing from Chicago, I grew up dealing with brutally cold winters. My freshman year of college - at the University of Wisconsin - temperatures actually dipped to 30 below zero, meaning the wind chill factor made it feel about 60 below. That kind of weather spurred my eventual move to the South. Speaking of my alma mater, I heard they cancelled classes yesterday for the first time in 19 years. That led to a massive snowball fight on Bascom Hill involving more than 3,000 students. Good times! Back when I was in Madison, students would snag trays from the student union and go sledding down the hill in honor of the first snowfall of each year - so I'm glad to see the kids still enjoy snow days in style.

Moving on, nothing beats the winter blues (for me, anyway) than a piping hot beverage, whether that be a mug of hot cocoa, tea or coffee. For those tired of the same-old recipes, here are a few sucralose-sweetened recipe variations to help warm up those frozen fingers and toes. Have a great weekend and stay warm, wherever you are!

Winter White Hot Chocolate
Holiday Spiced Tea
Hot Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle
Spiced Apple Mulled Cider

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