Friday, July 30, 2010

Pregnancy and a Sugar-Free Lifestyle

Hey gang. One of my pregnant friends asked me about this yesterday, so I wanted to clear the issue up. She was concerned that her love for diet soda and foods made with sucralose and other low-calorie sweeteners might harm the baby. The response is: not at all! Research has shown that sucralose does not have harmful effects on pregnant women or their babies. Obviously, while sucralose may be consumed as part of a healthy pre- and post-natal diet, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman should still talk to her physician or health care provider about consuming the necessary nutrients to support her and her baby’s health throughout pregnancy and infancy.
For more information on the topic, check out this "Myth of the Month" from the Calorie Control Council website.
"The use of low-calorie sweeteners in pregnancy has been well studied both in humans and in animals. Before approving the currently available low-calorie sweeteners, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration determined that the low-calorie sweeteners are safe for all populations, including special groups such as the elderly, children, and pregnant and lactating women. Further, leading health groups such as the American Dietetic Association and American Diabetes Association support the safe use of low-calorie sweeteners during pregnancy. Low-calorie sweeteners can help pregnant women enjoy the taste of sweets without excess calories, leaving room for nutritious foods and beverages without excess weight gain. Excess weight gain during pregnancy has been shown to be harmful to both the mother and developing baby."

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