Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cool Running

Once upon a time, back when I was young and skinny, I was a little speed demon. Seriously y'all, I could run! I was on the cross country team and was always one of the first to cross the finish line in any gym class race. And then, thanks to family genes, I started to struggle with knee issues. And while I continued competing in other sports, I gave up running. In recent years, I could barely even run a few blocks without feeling stiff and wheezy. Until now...
Inspired by some racing friends, I've decided to get back into the game. Several of them pointed me to this program, which eases newbies (or out-of-shape folk) into running. Your first couple weeks on the The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan, for example, you might alternate jogging and walking for 20 to 30 minutes increments three times a week. The longer you do it, the more you run. So far, I'm really enjoying the routine. So for any other fellow couch potatoes, take a look at the program and see if it works for you. Maybe we can all compare triathlon notes in a year or two!

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