Friday, October 08, 2010

Low-fat choco milk? Do tell!

I'll be honest. I'm not a huge milk fan. It's just something about the taste that throws me off. However, if you add it to cereal, or alongside a PB&J sammich or a plate of oreo cookies, I'm all over it. And chocolate milk? YUM!! Used to be one of my favorite things as a kid...heck, even as an adult. Sadly for school kids, it seems most U.S. school district menus no longer carry flavored milk.

However, there is hope! Tate & Lyle has created proprietary chocolate milk drink formulations that have slashed calories and sugar by as much as 30 percent, resulting in flavored milk drinks with calorie and sugar levels approaching those typically found in low-fat white milk. These formulas were created using custom blends of well-known and accepted sweetening ingredients, including sugar, crystalline fructose and sucralose.

“As a company focused on health and wellness, Tate & Lyle understands the challenges school districts face when determining the most nutritious foods and beverages to serve to its students,” says Dave Tuchler, Vice President, Global Marketing, Tate & Lyle. “Tate & Lyle is a strong advocate of developing leading-edge solutions that allow school districts to consistently deliver nutritious, lower-calorie meals with a healthier profile that parents approve of and kids enjoy consuming.”


Speaking of chocolate milk, are there any "Modern Family" fans in the house? There was a funny moment in a recent episode that involved adding a pinch of salt to chocolate milk to enhance the taste. Can anyone attest to the power of salty chocolate milk? Might have to try that trick the next time I drink a glass. Anyhoo, check out a clip of the moment in question. And if you haven't watched Modern Family yet, get cracking. Show is awesome!

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