Friday, January 14, 2011

Feeling "punchy" today!

I used to LOVE Hawaiian Punch as a kid. Between the sugary taste, the bright red tongue that occurred after drinking the beverage and the product's awesome old-school mascot (aka Punchy), Hawaiian Punch was very popular within my group of grade-school friends. Now, years later, news reports show the Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc., which owns Hawaiian Punch, is giving both the drink and the iconic mascot a 21st-century makeover. To help meet today's health concerns, Dr Pepper has unveiled a new Hawaiian Punch formula that utilizes sucralose. The Light Hawaiian Punch is now a mere 10 calories, while the original Hawaiian Punch will see a 25 percent reduction in calories. And Punchy's new three-dimensional surfer look, to be featured on packaging now being shipped and in Internet campaigns starting in February, will try to appeal more to the drink's target audience of 13-year-olds, who have grown up watching Pixar-animated cartoons. While I haven't had a bottle of Hawaiian Punch in ages, this sucralose-sweetened news might be just the ticket to getting me back on the Punchy train!

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