Monday, October 10, 2011

Food for Thought

Like trends and statistics? Well, here's a few to chew on.
  • Americans are skipping fewer meals than ever before.
  • Sodium may be declining as a health concern, as the percentage of Americans consuming a "low or reduced-salt or sodium" product held steady for the fourth consecutive year at 34 percent. 
  • More U.S. consumers (approximately 54 percent) are taking vitamins, mineral supplements or dietary aids on a daily basis than ever before.
  • Pizza, breakfast sandwiches, salty snacks, ice tea and burritos topped the list of items people ate more of last year than ever before.
  • On the flip side, Americans also ate more fruit, hot cereal and yogurt than in previous years.

These fun facts all come courtesy of the NPD Group's soon-to-be released 26th Annual Report on Eating Patterns in America. There's a lot of, pardon the pun, food for thought packed into that report, so I'm looking forward to reading the full version. Obviously, the current leaked stats appear to be a mixed bag, with Americans favoring high-fat fare, while also reaching for more fruit and yogurt. Just remember, there are light versions of all your full-calorie favorites. Next time you want a slice of pie, try one of Hungry Girl's recipe variations. Instead of sweet tea, which is hugely popular down in these parts, try this sucralose-sweetened Pomegranate Iced Tea courtesy of With a few simple substitutions, you can enjoy all your favorite dishes without the calorie-related guilt. I'll be writing more about the report when it's released. Until then, enjoy a few more low-cal recipes.

Greek Yogurt Cereal Parfait 
Spiced Pear Oatmeal
BLT B-fast Burrito

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