Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lifestyle Changes in 2012

Well, hello again! If you’re like me, you might be starting 2012 a few pounds heavier. I did my best to keep hitting the gym and limit my portion sizes, but when your family keeps pushing holiday food on you, it's hard to keep saying no. I can say that I've found motivation to hit the gym the past two weeks, but it's frustrating because my local gym is currently packed with all those New Year’s resolution folks, who are making it very hard to get into a fitness class or to even find an unused elliptical machine. After all, this is the time of year when many people gear up to lose weight -- typically only to quit by the time February rolls around. This year, think of your resolutions as "lifestyle changes". Don't think of them as things to "add into" your life -pretend your work and social schedule revolve around them instead. USA Today has a great article about Jennifer Hudson's inspiring weight-loss success and advice on how we all can commit to our fitness goals.

And the Calorie Control Council has some predictions on dieting and healthy eating in 2012:

1. More focus on farm to table: Trying to buy local products and cook seasonally.

2. Branching out and trying more international types of foods: food choices will be influenced more often by other countries and ethnic cuisines.

3. Trendy exercises: In terms of exercise, the “barre” exercises will become more popular – with an emphasis on strengthening and lengthening muscles, taking a cue from ballet and dancer type exercises.

4. Calories count: According to the CCC, eighty-two percent of American adults consume low-calorie and sugar-free foods and beverages, to reduce calories and cut back on added sugars in their diets. That number will increase as more low-calorie products and recipes are introduced to the public.

5. Family meals more in vogue: Due to the economy people are eating out less and there will be more of a focus on nutritious, easy recipes that can get to the table quickly, but still bring the family together on a budget.

And just in case, here's some helpful tools to keep you on track with your "lifestyle changes" this year:

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