Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mexican restaurants and margaritas

So now that we're official residents and homeowners, we've begun visiting some of our local watering holes and restaurants. It turns out there are quite a few good Mexican restaurants within walking distance. YAY! We dined on queso and enchiladas and tacos last night, along with a pitcher of delicious margaritas. Not a bad way to spend a rainy, dreary Friday night! Margaritas, by the way, are always a special treat for me - it's not something I drink regularly, but on a hot night or at the right restaurant, I'm all over it! Hopefully one of these days, I'll actually find places that serve sugar-free variations (strictly on the rocks with salt...none of that frozen stuff!) of the savory beverage. Until then, I'll just have to make the low-cal version at home.
Any other margarita fans out there? This one is for you. Check out this link packed with numerous sugar-free margarita recipes, courtesy of Hungry Girl.

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