Monday, March 26, 2012

Pass me a Red Bull

photo by Cristian Borquez
I'm not much of an energy drink fan. When I need a caffeine fix, I'm more likely to reach for a cup of joe, tea or diet soda. However, every once in a sleepy while, I crave some Red Bull. So I'm thrilled to hear that the brand will soon be unveiling a no-calorie version called Red Bull Total Zero. How is it different from Red Bull Sugar-Free? Well, according to the experts, it has a slight "twist" of citrus flavor and now includes sucralose, in addition to other low-calorie sweeteners. I don't care how subtle the difference, I'm all about variety - so I'm very happy to see Red Bull expand their low-cal options. You can bet the next time I need an afternoon wake up call I'll be looking for the Total Zero can.

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