Sunday, July 22, 2012

That's just peachy!

photo by liz west
After getting up bright and early to do yoga and running - yes, I was super productive this morning! - I went to the Grant Park Farmers Market and waited in a long line. Why? Because it was the last weekend for Georgia peaches. And if you've never had them, OMG, they are scrumptious! We're talking melt in your mouth peachy goodness.
I got two bags of those bad boys, so the question is, what shall I make? Peach pie? Lots of smoothies? A custard?
Well, because I'm such a peach, I went and dug up a few sucralose-sweetened, low-calorie tasty treats to help honor Atlanta's favorite fruit. I plan to take the Allman Brothers Band's advice and "eat a peach" (or several) this week.

Peach Melba Sipper

"Splend"Id Peach Pie Recipe

Peach Raspberry Cobbler

Peach Flavored Green Tea Punch

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Sugar and Diet said...

This year I really got into peaches which was something I rarely are before. My favorite snack was cut up peaches with blueberries. Oh, so good. I'm going to try the Peach Raspberry Cobbler. That sounds delicious.