Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Tis the diet?

We have been attending way too many parties the past few weeks. Birthdays, housewarming gatherings, holiday shindigs, baby name it, we've been to it. And thanks to all these festivities, my pants are crazy tight right now. And unfortunately, the height of the holiday season has yet to begin. Needless to say, I'm a wee bit concerned about additional weight gain heading into the new year. So what's a social butterfly to do this hectic time of year? has some great tips on how to manage the waistline during the holidays. Here are a few of the highlights.

Be Realistic: Consider shifting your goal from weight loss to weight maintenance. Dieting through the holidays doesn't have to leave you feeling deprived. With a little pre-planning, you can have a healthy and happy holiday dinner. Using low-fat ingredients, like reduced-fat mayonnaise or cream, and sugar substitutes in your dishes can cut hundreds of calories.

Manage Stress: Stress is one of the main reasons why people overeat during the holidays. There is stress related to interacting with family members, the financial stress of buying presents and the general stress of hosting holiday events. Take the stress out of hosting by planning the meal ahead of time, ordering takeaways or sharing the labour by asking others to bring food.

Get Active: Create a calorie deficit by exercising to burn off extra calories before you ever indulge in your favorite foods. Eat less and exercise more is the winning formula to prevent weight gain during the holidays. Staying active will keep you from veering off the weight loss track and it can be a great way to bond with your loved ones. Make fitness a family adventure. Take a walk early in the day and then again after dinner. It is a wonderful way for families to get physical exercise and enjoy the holiday together.

Make a Plan: Think about what you're going to eat before your next holiday event. If you can't resist a huge slice of pie, what will you cut back on to compensate for it? What will your plate look like? What will leave you feeling satisfied? If you're not preparing the meal yourself, ask your host if it would be all right to bring a dish that meets your dietary needs. Consider bringing a sugar-free or low-carbohydrate dessert or talk to a fellow dieter before the holidays. Plan to give each other moral support throughout the season.

These are tips I'll certainly be adopting the next few months. Wish me luck!

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Sugar and Diet said...

It's very hard to maintain a balance when so many sugary treats are around during the Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve holidays. I had read that it's a good idea to exercise 30 minutes a day. I was skeptical until I found a way to put it in my day...not an easy thing to do. Now if I do take one of those delights that I wouldn't normally eat, I feel that I'm still trying to maintain my health with the exercises. Of course, you can't eat, eat, and eat and expect to maintain, but it helps to keep my appetite in control!