Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Road Food Rage

Who decided it would be a good idea to drive from Atlanta to Chicago and back for the holidays? Raises hand slowly. This girl! But the closer we get to the departure date, the more I'm questioning my own sanity. The thing is, we have a dog. And I don't want to torture her by sticking her on a plane - nor do we want to leave her behind in a kennel or with friends for a week while we gallivant around my hometown. So we're packing up the car and hitting the road, dog included. Here's hoping we don't need to put chains on the tires because of snowy, icy weather.

Anyway, seeing as how we'll be spending more than 30 hours in the car, I need to figure out some healthy eating snacks - rather than chowing down on the usual junk food (Combos, Cheetos, Doritos, etc.) So my plan is to bring some low-calorie granola bars, some fresh fruit, light string cheese and rice cakes.

And yes, I'll have my gym shoes readily available. I plan to take some long walks around gas stations or rest stops to stretch my legs and make sure the dog gets some exercise.

Anyone else have fun plans for the holidays? I'll touch base in a few days with more tips on how to handle all the dining and drinking that the season brings but until then, travel safely!

Sunday, December 09, 2012


photo by Mark Arment

My head hurts, my throat tickles, my nose is runny and my body aches...clearly, I'm getting the bug that's been flying around. What a bummer. I was hoping to have a super productive week, catching up on work, getting some shopping done and hitting the gym each day. So the flu would definitely put a wrench in those plans. In an effort to avoid the ick, I started taking cold meds this morning and downed nearly a carton of OJ. Tomorrow, I think I'll have to buy a box of emergen-C and throat lozenges. Here's hoping I kick this thing before we head to Chicago for the holidays.

Until then, I'll be drinking many cups of hot tea to help soothe the throat. Here are a few of my favorite hot tea recipes for those stuffy days. Wish me luck!

Hot Spiced Tea
Hot Brown Sugar Tea
Russian Tea

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Time for Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

It's officially December - and so the winter holiday party season begins. We're actually attending a holiday party tonight. The theme: ugly Christmas sweaters. I've got quite the collection of ugly sweaters going now...too many years of attending these types of gatherings. Yet every year, I still have to go buy a new one. So I'll be hitting a few thrift stores this afternoon, between rounds of shopping for holiday lights and an artificial tree. Have you seen any truly awesomely ugly Christmas sweaters lately? This may be one of my new favorites...too bad it's $35. I refuse to spend more than $10 on an ugly sweater. 

Here are a few more awesome examples of fugly seasonal sweaters. 

There are just so many great options, ya know? 
Anyhoo, I also have to bring a side dish, so I'm thinking about a low-cal sweet potato casserole  and this amazing sucralose-sweetened Gingersnap Pumpkin Cheesecake. Have to provide a few healthy options to the masses, right?