Sunday, December 09, 2012


photo by Mark Arment

My head hurts, my throat tickles, my nose is runny and my body aches...clearly, I'm getting the bug that's been flying around. What a bummer. I was hoping to have a super productive week, catching up on work, getting some shopping done and hitting the gym each day. So the flu would definitely put a wrench in those plans. In an effort to avoid the ick, I started taking cold meds this morning and downed nearly a carton of OJ. Tomorrow, I think I'll have to buy a box of emergen-C and throat lozenges. Here's hoping I kick this thing before we head to Chicago for the holidays.

Until then, I'll be drinking many cups of hot tea to help soothe the throat. Here are a few of my favorite hot tea recipes for those stuffy days. Wish me luck!

Hot Spiced Tea
Hot Brown Sugar Tea
Russian Tea

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