Thursday, March 14, 2013

Would you like some pi with that?

Guess what today is? It's not just Thursday, my friends. It's Pi Day. For those who (like me) are completely unfamiliar with this holiday, it was born more than 20 years ago at San Francisco's Exploratorium and celebrates the mathematical constant known as pi. Today, you see, is March 14 - or 3/14. And pi roughly equals infinitum. Get it? Anyhoo, today also happens to be math genius Albert Einstein's birthday, so I guess it was meant to be.

What I find most entertaining is all the pi-related rituals that appear to accompany this holiday. Participants sing Pi Day songs, bead a "pi string" and circumnaviate a pi shrine? Even better, though, it appears they eat pie...And that's certainly something I can appreciate. So in honor of pi - and Albert Einstein - I indulged in some delicious sugar-free chocolate cream pie tonight, thanks to this fab recipe from!

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Lezlie said...

This is awesome :). I love your blog!