Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

Don't be haters, but guess where I'm heading to on Saturday? Germany and Austria, baby! Yup, I'm finally returning to Europe after a more than decade absence. My fiance's brother lives in Stuttgart, so we're taking advantage of that opportunity and going out to visit. And it's by total happenstance that we're going smack dab in the middle of Oktoberfest (shah right!) Although we're still working out the itinerary, we plan to spend several days in Munich, before heading to Salzburg and Vienna, then closing out the two-week trip with stops throughout the Bavarian region of Germany. For those wondering, yes, I plan to drink plenty of beer and wine and eat lots of bratwurst, spatzle and wiener schnitzel. Although that means I'll most likely come back to the states lugging a few extra pound around my waistline, come's Europe, people! On the flip side, we'll be doing a LOT of walking and hiking, so the damage might not be too bad. And I plan to eat all healthy foods and work out like a madwoman when I'm back in the ATL. 

Any of you been to Germany and/or Austria? If so, any recommendations on places we must visit or attractions we must see? Currently on my bucket list, but in no particular order: check out some castles, tour a concentration camp, watch the opera, visit the salt mines, drink at Oktoberfest, buy a dirndl and see some of the Sound of Music locations. I know, I know...I'm a cheesebum. But I love me some Sound of Music. 

Anyhoo, for all of you who sit by jealously as I enjoy my trip, here is a low-calorie variation of one of Austria's most famous menu items. 

Sacher Torte

And just because, here is one of my favorite scenes from Sound of Music. Enjoy! 

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